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Communication with customers is essential, especially in the anonymous market, in which participants'confidence in our business partners may initially be reduced. For this we designed a messaging system with which you can send short and encrypted messages to any address.
Messages are encrypted using the recipient's public key and only the recipient can decrypt them. Also, sender’s anonymity is guaranteed. There is no IP address or other available information except the address that sent the message.
The cost of sending a message is 0.0001 MSK / message. You can send unlimited messages / day.
Sending a message

To send a message, go to the Messages page (click Messages in the main menu bar). This page shows the last messages received. Click Compose button. The following menu will be displayed:
Network Fee Address - Any service as renting an address name or setting additional options must be paid. In this field you specify where the coins will be taken for the payment of this service.
Sender Address - The address you want to appear at sender
Recipient Address - The address who will receive the message.



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